Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

The Podiatrists Board currently requires that practitioners who wish to hold an Annual Practising Certificate, undertake a continuing competence programme which is outlined in the Podiatrists Board Re-certification Framework (PBRCF).

This will be replaced by a new CPD recertification programme from 1 January 2018- scroll further down on this page for the new CPD Policy and supporting documents. 

The PBRCF requires activities within the following areas:

  • CCME (Compulsory Continuing Medical Education Activities)
  • CME (Continuing Medical Education Activities)
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development Activities) and
  • CQI (Continuing Quality Improvement Activities)

PBRCF Credits:

  • Two credits may be claimed for each hour spent on an activity for your PBRCF requirments
  • The PBRCF currently requires 152 credits within a 4 year period (32 in CCME and 120 within the other 3 areas of CME, CPD and CQI, with the flexibility of a minimum 10 credits in each of these 3 areas).

PBRCF Audit:

  • The Board undertakes a semi-random audit of approximately ten percent of practising podiatrists annually. Practitioners are advised well in advance if their name will be in the coming audit, however it is recommended that practitioners keep up to date with their recertification requirements and logbook maintenance on a regular basis throughout each practising year.
  • Practitioners who have continued to practice after their APC has expired on 31 March each year may also be included in the PBRCF audit for the following year. 

NEW CPD RECERTIFICATION PROGRAMME to be introduced on 1 January 2018.

The new CPD requirements will be based on a 2 yearly cycle. Practitioners will also be able record the CPD hours on line through their login. 

PODIATRIC SURGEONS: Further PBRCF requirements