Overseas Qualification?

Podiatrists with qualifications from outside New Zealand

The Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council (ANZPAC) currently assesses the qualifications and skills of overseas trained NZ registration applicants, on behalf of the Board. This will continue only until 17 May 2019. This process needs to be completed before any registration application can be considered. After this date the Board will be processing these assessments itself. 

For all enquiries up until 17 May 2019, please contact ANZPAC at qsa@anzpac.org.au or http://www.anzpac.org.au/

When your qualification and skills assessment has been completed successfully by ANZPAC, they will provide you with an Assessment of Podiatry Qualifications and Skills letter that you must then include with your registration application to the Board. 

Application form for registration for overseas trained applicants

All registration applications must be posted to the Board as certified original documentation is required.

Applicants with ANZPAC approval must have:

  • Graduated within three years of the date of their application for registration in NZ, and be registered in the country where they gained their qualification, or
  • Practised within the past three years of the date of their application for registration in NZ.

Applicants without ANZPAC prior approval must re-train in New Zealand for the 3 year degree of Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) in order to register in New Zealand.

Please refer to this payment form for the Board fees.

Annual Practising Certificates:

  • You must be registered and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC) to be able to practice in New Zealand.
  • All first time APC applicants must hold and provide a current Basic Life Support certificate including AED and Anaphylaxis training to be eligible for an APC.